How It Works?

Stock artwork is an option for teams that are on a budget. We had our designers come up with versatile designs that can be picked, by you the customer, and then edited slightly to meet your teams needs. Stock designs can have the team name edited, sponsor logos added, and colors adjusted to meet your teams needs, without incurring the normal custom art fee that is associated with completely custom artwork.

Sponsor logos that are added must be supplied by the customer in the correct art form that is production ready. If sponsor logos are not in correct production art form and need to be recreated by one of our designers, then additional fees will incur. Stock Art does not carry the same amount of revisions(4) that custom art does. The customer can change the items mentioned above and then proceed with production upon full payment. If multiple color schemes, logos created, and other art processes are needed then the customer will need to go with a full custom job as their art option.

What Sports Can I Use Stock Art For?

Any stock artwork design can be used for any sport. See something you like, but would like to tweak the stock artwork color or just add your logo. We can do that and that is how stock artwork works for you. Check back frequently for more stock art work. We are always updating our stock artwork library to make it an easier process for you as a valued customer.

Stock Artwork Fee?

The Stock Artwork fee is a $25 deposit that is deducted from the final bill of sale when the customer pays for their order. You will pay the $25 fee to get the art process under way. Upon the approval of final art you will pay your complete invoice which will reflect the $25 Stock Art Fee deducted from the total.